« C’est le cheval le plus noble du monde,
le plus beau, le plus digne d’être monté
par un roi un jour de victoire. »

Duc de Newcastle




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Located in the heart of the plains of northern France, near the A2 and A26, 1h30 from Paris and 45 minutes from Lille, the Raising of the Tower is located near Cambrai.

Breeders since 1991, we are naturally oriented horse Pure Spanish Race (formerly called Andalusian horse).

We currently have 6 broodmares and stallions approved for breeding 3 ...

We do raise horses proud but obedient, strong and intelligent, they are good at the show, dressage, and hitch hiking.

With a very good natural balance, Iberian horses are also able to jump obstacles medium difficulty.

These qualities combined with an excellent character of the PRE are the ideal leisure horse.

Cavaliers family and lovers of Spanish horses, they are presented in the various disciplines of Dressage, the coupled performance and endurance in order to show their versatility.

Finally, in addition to livestock, our team also offers pension and work your horses for you and share our passion in a friendly atmosphere.


  Béatrice & Philippe LEFEBVRE

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Béatrice Lefebvre

Pure race espagnole

Philippe Lefebvre

Elevage chaval pure race espagnole

Franck Lefebvre


Steven Laposy



Élevage de la Tour – 16, rue de l’église
59159  Ribécourt la Tour

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